Privacy Policy - Manuall

Who are we?
HandleidingKwijt B.V.
Weena 690 16.19
3012 CN Rotterdam
The Netherlands
CoC: 77685601

Which information do we are third parties through our website collect?
Google Analytics
HandleidingKwijt uses Google Analytics to collect anonymized data. We use cookies for which we have signed a processing agreement with Google. Sharing of other data with google is disabled and the data won’t be used for other Google services.

Google Adsense
HandleidingKwijt uses Google Adsense to show advertisements on our websites. We don’t collect any information through our websites, but information collected on other websites might be used to provide better advertisements.

Frequently asked questions
Whenever a user clicks the helpful button for one of the frequently asked questions, we save that data in our database. This is completely anonymized and can’t be traced back to a user.

Why we, or third parties, collect data through our websites?
Google Analytics
HandleidingKwijt collects data about visited pages and search phrases. We use this information to be able to estimate our focus when it comes to expanding our websites.

Google Adsense
HandleidingKwijt uses Google Adsense to be able to finance the service we are offering. We or third parties don’t collect any data through our websites to make this possible.

Frequently asked questions
To provide a better user experience and show the more helpful questions and answers first, we store the total number of votes for each question.

Where is the data stored?
Google receives anonymized data regarding pages views, search phrases, referrals and other website usage.

Our databases are located in OVH datacenters. The anonymized data we collect regarding the frequently asked questions is stored on those servers.

How long do we store the data?
HandleidingKwijt and third parties collect only anonymized data which can’t be traced back to individual users. We therefore do not delete the data.

Data request
Every EU citizen has the right to view their personal data, rectify or object to the collected data. HandleidingKwijt doesn’t collect any personal information and therefor this does not apply to the data we collect through our websites.